Vimax Volume



Only the highest quality herbal ingredients from around the world are used to manufacture VIMAX VOLUME Pills

Our product doesn't have any side effects and is safe for men of all ages 


Also known as Reishi Mushroom is known to increase stamina and energy. It has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties.



Because it absorbs the nutrients from its surrounding marine environment (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) it provides several nutritional benefits such as to improve Iodine deficiency, help fighting inflammation, it may reduce sugar in diabetes,  it may boost weight loss, it may improve blood flow.


Hong Hua Fen

This herbs is known for its abilities to open up the blood vessels to encourage more blood flow in your body.
This increased blood flow is also directed towards your penis thus aiding in quality and long-lasting erections.

Tian Men Tong

This herb also known as Asparagus Tube allows natural sperm enhancement. It aids to improve blood flow and zinc oxide levels in the body while increasing testosterone production. This increase in production allows you to enjoy longer orgasm with a sperm count too large to handle. 


Xian Mao

this herb is a safe and natural male aphrodisiac long used in Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese traditional medicine.

Ku Gua
It shas been shown to help reducing body fat thereby increasing your testosterone levels. A high level of testosterone in men will increase semen production and libido.
This herb is also a great source of Vitamin C and it has been shown to help promoting spermatogenesis (process of producing sperm).